A Major Upgrade!

Our whole-house systems bring entertainment to any room you choose. In fact, with a zoned system one person can be watching a DVD in the family room, another person can be listening to streaming audio in the kitchen, while a third watches satellite or cable TV in the comfort of their bedroom. Even though the equipment is hidden away in one secluded location in your house, you will be able to control the system remotely through a handheld remote or in-wall keypad. And if you want to send a video signal from a single security camera, DVD, or satellite dish to many different rooms, we can do that too.

Your family room or media room can come alive with the sights and sounds of first rate movies played on your own private screening system. High Definition Designs creates and installs systems using the latest technology. Your room will sound like a movie theater through the use of Dolby Digital and/or THX audio components.

Whether your home calls for a small audio/video system utilizing a 27" or 35" TV monitor, or a full-blown home theatre with ten foot projection screen and state-of-the-art sound system, we can design and build a system that will make you want to wait for all your favorite movies to come out on video. They'll be more fun at home!